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Re: [UniQuaria] DIY vs. Expensive CO2 systems -- Who's infected

Greger Lindstrand said, in part:

> Has anyone else got an email with the above subjekt?
>. . . It has an attachement called
"Untiteled.bmp.pif", I
> suspect this to be a virus.
> The subject leads me to believe that it comes from
> someone on this list.
These days you can't tell where a virus came from by the
sender name or subject, or even the text content.  All of
those things can be lifted from another person's mailbox
and used by virus package.  

The warning used to be, "Don't open mail from people
you don't know."  The insects that put out viruses
worked around that by incorporating name and subject
spoofing in to the virus package.

The warning now must be, "Don't open mail without a
very good anti-virus program in place."

Some folks think Macs are immune-- that's like thinking
Schlage's are immune from being picked while Yales are not.
 Macs aren't as popular (I'm not saying that's a good
thing) and so not as big a target.

Whether you are an APD member or not, there's lots of
infectious material flying around out there.  If it was
easy to trace, the perps would be in federal prisons.  But
only a few "major" figures (prime infectors, if you
will) have actually been put away over the years.

Scott H.

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