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Re: short red plants

Hey Gang,

Rachel S. wrote:
>>I'm looking for something short (1-3 inches tall)
and not green. Any hints?<<

Well....There are a couple of options:

First is "micro" tenellus. The catch here is that
under "better" conditions it will exceed your height
requirement, but it'll be very close. The other crappy
part is that the better the conditions get, the longer
the leaves will stay red. They turn a rich brownish
green with age. The overall ambience of this plant is
red, though. It grows so fast.....

Second is Rotala wallichii. It tolerates trimming very
well, and with MUCH work you could easily keep it at
your height requirement with no ill effect toward the

This second option could work with a number of stems.
Most notably: Alternanthera, R. indica, and Hygrophila
polysperma var Sunset.

To my knowledge, there is no plant that *really* fits
your description except E. tenellus var parvulus
(micro tenellus).


John Wheeler

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