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Intro and stuff to trade.

Hi all,

I kept a lot of aquatic plants a long while back and wanted to get back into 
it. I've set-up a 60 gal with 120 watt of fluorescent, but no plants! I 
still have all my gadgets from days pass and extra gadgets to trade for 

aquaclear filters,
submersible heaters,
drift wood (the good sinking stuff)
well, you get the idea, let me know what you need.

Plants I'm interested in--I don't recall all the plants that grow well in 
san diego tap but a few comes to mind (excuse spelling mistakes):

anubias nana,
H. polysperma,
amazon swords,
brasil swords, in fact any echinodermis,
E tenellus (love mini swords),
JAVA!! moss, fern (got excited, just remebered that one.)
water sprite
hmmmm... what else?

also looking for a number of neons and cardinals, maybe 2 zebra plecos (i 
know they eat neons), discus (i know they too eat neons), anything 
interesting. I know they can be expesive but I have tunze regulator, 2.5# 
new co2 bottle, quiet one pump, fluval 404, fish tank, stand, and canopy to 
trade, got more good stuff but can't recall right now.

basically, I want to trade stuff for fauna and flora. =)


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