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Secret Handshake and Eheim Service Info

Scott said,
>So can you tell the rest of us, now, how to contact the
>service center for Eheim?  After all, we did give you the
>secret handshake, didn't we?

Indeed, you have revealed the secret handshake.

When calling the telephone number that I'm about to provide, it 
important that you immediately respond to the person who answers by 
stating the following in a very deep, throaty voice, "My fish aren't 
wearing any underwear." This secret code is necessary in order to 
assure that your call is transferred to the appropriate department. 
Trust me.

Actually, I called it the "Eheim Service Center", but it's another 
company that services Eheim products. I think they deal with warranty 
repairs, etc. They are very helpful and know their stuff.


This is probably the best bet for those of us who are not in Germany 
and who have older Eheim products.


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