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JBJ PC ballasts & bulbs

> Can anyone comment on ballasts and/or your
> experience with JBJ 
> lights? 

AH-HA!!! one of my JBJ ballasts just died last weekend
(18 mos old) and I began thinking the same thoughts!
This is way too expensive! My bulbs were lasting 8 mos
until I installed fans, and they seem (?) to be
lasting a bit longer. Now we have the ballast crap-out
factor...is this a money pit, or what?

After investigating various avenues (electrical
suppliers, etc, THANK YOU Scott H), I found the
quickest thing to do was shell out $55 to JBJ for a
new one. (Call them). ouch. It's on the way.

The nice side of the story is that a fellow ADP'er in
my neck of the woods lent me a fixture in the meantime
(THANK YOU Bailin). People on this list are great. I'm
glad I found it.