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Re: Compact Flourescent Bulb & Ballast Life

>I would definately suspect your ballasts. I know for sure if you are not
>running 96 watt PCs, if your lamps are failing so soon, there is something

The fixture with the ballast failure is a 2x96 watt with fans. I'm 
just more or less fit to be tied here. The bulbs in the other 
fixture, a 4x65 with fans, have also gone out. All are connected 
through surge protectors, so I doubt a spike got to them.

JBJ still hasn't bothered to respond to my email or call me back. I 
think it is a quality issue. I have an old JBJ 4x55 with no fans that 
runs hot and haven't had a problem with it in two years. I guess new 
isn't always better.

Thanks for the input. This has been interesting. I try to be fair and 
don't want to expect too much, but I'm very much regretting the fact 
that I bought these fixtures in the first place.


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