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RE: JBJ PC Ballasts and Bulbs

Penny Crowley said:

>After investigating various avenues (electrical
>suppliers, etc, THANK YOU Scott H), I found the
>quickest thing to do was shell out $55 to JBJ for a
>new one. (Call them). ouch. It's on the way.

I'm going to give JBJ a few more days to respond. Out of warranty or 
not, 13 months life on a ballast is unacceptable to me and there's no 
way I'll send JBJ a dime for a new ballast. I just can't bring myself 
to that, especially since I'm now wondering when the next ballast 
will fail.

I'm also factoring in the fact the the plastic end pieces on my other 
13 mo. old fixture have literally cracked to pieces, which along with 
these issues makes me question what will go wrong next.

This is indeed looking like a money pit. So far, I haven't had a bulb 
last longer than a year, which is months under JBJ's own replacement 
recommendation on their web site. They recommend replacement every 16 
months, so I'm assuming even they expect a bulb to last a little 
longer than a year.

According to the retailer, who has always been great, JBJ now wants 
all product issues to be handled directly by them (JBJ). I can 
especially understand that in circumstances where the fixture is out 
of warranty. They have my number and my email, so time will tell I 


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