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Re: stainless airstone

Hey gang,

Matthew R. Sprague wrote:
>>Has anyone here tried stainless steel airstones to
diffuse CO2? (snip)

No, but I sure do like beer, though.

>>They come in pore sizes as small as .5 micron which
would be incredible for a CO2 reactor.<<

So, how does that compare to a sintered glass diffuser
with regard to pore size?

>>They are the preferred airstone for industry use in
carbonating beverages. I don't see how they would be
problematic in an aquarium other than the potential to
clog up with algae/bacteria rather quickly. They might
not clog up though, do to the small pore size and
pressure acting as a self cleaning mechanism.<<

The best thing to do would be to give it a shot. I
went through the archives and couldn't find anything,
or even anything close. An airstone is much less
intrusive visually than a reactor or many of the
comercial diffusers, so it is worth it to take a look
at especially for people who care about bulky

>>Only caveat: $13(US)<<

Hehe...You would have a hard time finding a CO2 safe
check valve for less than that. That is also, WAY less
money than any commercial reactor or diffusor.

Send us a link to a sales site, or even just a pic.
I'm interested. I was working on my own vortex
reactor, but this may save people some trouble or
money if it can produce a finer, or even just a more
even sized, mist than a sintered glass diffuser.

Try it and see.

John Wheeler

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