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Re: Shrimp Still Dying

Alex R said, in part:

> Well, my discontinuing the use of KCl apparently did not
> help the C.
> japonica shrimp. I have found two more dead. I think I
> have one or two left.
> At first it seemed like it was working, but now at the
> end of week 2 since
> introducing them, at most half survived. I'm wondering if
> high CO2 might be
> the problem. . .

Aren't shrimp more susceptible to excess CO2 than most
fish?  They certainly seem to come out of hiding when the
CO2 gets past 30ppm or so.  Levels below that shouldn't be
a problem, though.

Aren't they also more susceptible to the presence of some
trace metals and the absence of others?

Scott H.

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