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Re: BBS's & Auction sites -- Writing Wrongs or Wrong Writer

Edward Venn said, in part:

> Scott,
> Could you see these guys posting on a Japanese board?  
> こちらはトマスバー水草天国大夜指呼
> If you have a language kit go to Japanese JIS for some
> recognizable text.
> >
> >On the other hand, Karen Randall, Paul Krombholz, Roger
> >Miller, Tom Barr and a quite a few others have yet to
> >organize sites of their own, afaik.  More's the pity but
> >maybe someday :-)
> >
> >And don't even get me started on hardcopy publication!

> Go for it Scott! LOL You write it I'll translate it and
> get Pisces 
> Publishers to print it. BTW Don't forget-LOTS of photos
> at 600dpi are 
> required for a Japanese publication to be successful and
> get 3 or 4 
> reprints.

I haven't got a book or web site in me, better it comes
from an expert -- but I'll offer editing, you can
translate, James Purchase is certain to be willing to do
the fact checking ;-) Dave maybe will do the layout, and
let's see, whose good at taking pictures ????? if Tom does
an American Waterways Travelogue, the photographer must be
willing to roam (and in waders to boot).

Scott H.

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