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Re: Bulletin Board - or - Keeping Things in Site

Omar Khatib asked:

> This is what I was trying to get at. I find Bulletin
> Boards so much easier
> to follow. What I am trying to figure out is why people
> use Yahoo Groups, or
> any mailing list, over a Bulletin Board. The
> Aquabotonic's BB is awesome for
> plant lovers.

I have been known to wander the Aquabotanic boards as well
as boards regarding entirley different hobbies. 
Aquabotanic's is a very good bulletin board - every aquatic
gardener should check it out, imo.  But I prefer the APD
mailing list format because the posts all come to me. I
scan it, read the interesting (to me) stuff (virtually all
of it), and thereby get up to date on all the postings. 
then I delete it and I'm done.  With the bulletin board, I
have to track down the messages, look for and trace the
threads.  I don't mind doing that for TAG but I'd rather
not have to do it just to be able to keep up-to-date on the
discussions ;-)

Now if you have some other purpose or a specific question,
or simply different tastes, you might prefer a categorized
board that lists by topic and by thread.  In those
situations, it's a grat way to go.

Why doesn't everyone drive the same kind of car?  Isn't it
clear that one model is the best? :-)  

Scott H.

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