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re: PMDD sources

Hi Jason, 

For trace mixes and potassium sulfate in solution, try Plant-It-Earth in
San Francisco on Market St. Many of their products are online at
[plantitearth.com], though often it's better to go compare labels and
products side-by-side in the store. 

K2S04, KN03, and MgS04 in dry form can be had at Navlet's in Pleasant
Hill, Ca - give them a call before you make a trip out there
((925.939-9000). CaC03 can be obtained in a superfine, easy-to-dissolve
food grade consistency at San Francisco Brew Craft on Clement @ 17th

And if you're in the area, the SF Aquarium Society will be presenting a
program on planted aquaria this Friday @ 8:00pm - visit [sfaquarium.org]
for further info. 


Erik Leung

On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, "Jason Rogers" wrote re: PMDD sources:

Anybody know where I can find a good trace mix, K2SO4, etc. either
online or in the SF Bay Area? I don't seem to be having much luck
finding it with the online hydroponics stores I've been checking.


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