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Re: T8 Ballast

Caleb Cheung said:

> While surfing the net for possible home made T8 lighting
> options, I ran 
> across a company called Full Spectrum Solutions at 
> www.fullspectrumsolutions.com (no personal connection). 
> They have an 
> "Ultralux" electronic ballast with a ballast factor of
> 1.3 for 1-4 T8 
> bulbs.  Cost is around $50.  They also have T8 32w bulbs
> with a CRI of 
> 91, 5000K and lasts 34,000 hours.
> Has anyone heard of these ballasts or have used them?  I
> figure if it 
> works, I can use 3 32 watt bulbs with this ballast on my
> 55 gallon at 
> school.  Love to get some feedback...

Home Depot is world wide, there must be one near you.  I
think the 4x32 electronic ballast sold there that Wayne
found does all FullSpectrum's does and costs less.

Worth checking out.

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