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Re: Osram HWL E27 lamps?

Jacques wrote:

Thanks very much for the info. I was wondering whether these could be
used for aquaria - they're just gathering dust here to be honest. I
might wire one up and see - we use bayonet clip fittings here, so I'll
have to buy an ES fitting, and report back at some stage. As I said in
an earlier post, I prefer Osram's Bilux tubes for my tanks.


I tried to respond earlier but I couldn't get my email account set up.
That lamp is sort of out of date. It is not very efficient, doesn't last
long and have poor color rendering. The CRI is in the 60s and the Kelvin
is about 3600K. They will however grow plants very well. There is a lamp
called something like the Wonder light that people sometimes use for
growing plants. It too is a self-ballasted MV lamp using a tungsten
filament. They are about 3 times as efficient for growing plants as
incandescent lamps but that is not so good compared to a good
fluorescent lamp system which is about 5 times as efficient so you need
a lot more watts of this type of lighting than you would with
fluorescent for the same effect.