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Re: Re: starving otocinclus

Dear Susi,
Thanks for the info-- I do have a gigantic piece of
driftwood (relative to tank and fish size) in there,
and it's one of his favorite spots. I stuck a rock
with a little algae in there that someone else
suggested (Eric, I think) I grow in a Tupperware by
the window, and I've noticed it's less covered now.
Hopefully it's not the 4+ mollusk castaways eating it
all. He's still pretty emaciated, but he's been less
active during this day (he's seemed to always be awake
since this mess began) and doesn't look any worse, so
I'm hoping he's returning to his natural nocturnalism.
(Is that a word?!) Regarding the brown algae
preference, you're probably right, but I've seen him
eat green hair algae before, so he's a mystery, this

With regards to the bioload, it's only a 6-gal with 5
Rasbora heteromorpha, 1 supposedly Dwarf gourami (he's
3.5" long!!) and the oto. There's a relatively low
plant load right now (4 small water sprites that
refuse to get tall, 1 anubias nana, 1 crypt wendtii),
which I will remedy as soon as I find employment (!).
I am diligent about siphoning, so my water chemistry
stays stable and healthy, all in all. 

Since there's so little for the one little oto to eat,
are you sure a companion or two would be the best
thing? I'm fairly new to fishkeeping, so I tend to err
on the side of caution-- what does anybody else think?
And I don't think I can count on getting an oto that
will eat prepackaged food, since this one is hell bent
on the real thing, baby!  

Thanks for all the input. 

> Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 16:44:55 -0700
> From: Susi Barber <wanderer35 at pacificcoast_net>
> Subject: Re: starving otocinclus
> Hi Erin,
> Otos came up in the archives a while ago; they need
> to feed on the stuff
> that grows on wood, brown or diatom? algae, rather
> than the green stuff so
> far as I can tell, so put a bit of driftwood in your
> tank asap.  I have 3 in
> my 80 gal, they are very fat, and there is a lot of
> driftwood, which they
> keep well polished.
> They tend to be frantic when stressed, and the
> gourami wouldn't help there;
> don't think they would hide in anything like a small
> container, they prefer
> to hang out on the wood, where they blend in super
> well, or on leaves etc,
> but not if fish are after them.  And another oto or
> two will not break the
> bioload bank - they are so tiny.
> Hope that helps,
> Susi Barber

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