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Re: starving otocinclus

Hi Erin,

Otos came up in the archives a while ago; they need to feed on the stuff
that grows on wood, brown or diatom? algae, rather than the green stuff so
far as I can tell, so put a bit of driftwood in your tank asap.  I have 3 in
my 80 gal, they are very fat, and there is a lot of driftwood, which they
keep well polished.

They tend to be frantic when stressed, and the gourami wouldn't help there;
don't think they would hide in anything like a small container, they prefer
to hang out on the wood, where they blend in super well, or on leaves etc,
but not if fish are after them.  And another oto or two will not break the
bioload bank - they are so tiny.

Hope that helps,

Susi Barber