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Re: Lighting

>  30 gallon, 24inches long, 18 inches deep, 12 inches wide.
>  It's a freshwater planted tank, and I'm wondering if the
>  2X55 setup is overkill or just about right.  Also, what
>  color temp. lamps should I use?  Since I'll be using
>  two, should they be the same or different?  Thanks for
>  any suggestions!

The measurements for the tank don't add up to 30 gallons (LxWxH/231 =
gallons). If you have a 30 high (24 inches wide) then a 2x55 will work
fine. I mixed the 5300K and 6400K bulbs for my setup - 4x55 on a 75,
but this is mostly just personal preference. If you have a 30 gallon
36 inch wide tank then a single 6700K 96 watt works good but is
slightly blue to my eyes. The single bulb with reflector will not
cover most of the top of the tank like two bulbs with reflectors will.

This much light is overkill without CO2.

Tony Kostichka