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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #317

kristiananderson at att_net asked if an AH Supply 2x55 would
be a good bet on a 30 gallon tank.

I have a 2x55 on a 29 gallon tank (30"l x 18"H x 12"w
front-to-back) but with a conventional reflector -- i.e.,
not psuedo-parabolic like AH Supply's.  It works well for
me.  Your tank, "30 gallon, 24inches long, 18 inches deep,
12 inches wide" seems a might less long but you could still
fit the 55s on it.  You wouldn't have room on the end of
the hood for a fan, but there are other places to put one
on a hood.  With 110 watts, you'll probably want a fan. 
Also, you'll want to add CO2 to the tank to take advantage
of all that light, especially with AH Supply reflectors.

Yours would be a well lit tank!

Scott H.

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