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Re: Snails

I can't get snails to grow in my tank, especially MTS snails.  I doubt it's
the fish, as I have a couple of angels (might bother them), rosy barbs,
platies, otos and SAEs (all 4 not likely).  Ramshorn snails do alright but
MTS just won't keep a foothold.  If you want to "harvest" some, mail them to
me! (seriously, I need some).

One thing I was thinking about that some people might have used with some
long term success would be limiting the calcium and magnesium needed for the
snails to build their shells.  Fish could get it from their food and plants
possibly from substrate feeding while limiting what's in teh water column.
It would effect the ramshorn snails before the thick shelled MTS, or so I
would guess.

Borrow a freshwater puffer fish or two for a few weeks, they'll decimate the
snail population.  I read where bettas will also eat snails, but they aren't
particularly effective.