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RE: Discus Keepers


My 135gallon is a Discus Tank (About 13 individuals currently) and
heavily planted. I use the following:

100% Flourite
Some PEAT BELOW the flourite
Dupla Cables

I use treated tap (7.0ph) and bring ph down to 6.8 with CO2

I put in 50ml of TMG per week.

Sometimes I alternate with Flourish, Flourish-FE and Flourish Potassium
instead of TMG for a week or two.

TEMP is usually 89-90degrees

Have 2.5 watts per gallon going with a "sunrise-sunset" timer setup. 

I try to maintain LOW hardness (which means sometimes I have to do a
waterchange with lots of Arrowhead RO water. 

Plants primarily are Jungle Val, Anubias, Javafern, Saggitaria, A large
variety of Crypts and a big rubin sword surrounded by tiger lotus. 

I have SOME stem plants in there, but they don't do as well in the warm
water (they get REAL leggy in a tall tank too).. 


> To: <aquatic-plants at actwin_com> 
> From: "Dean and Melissa Williams" <DMWILLIAMS at bigpond_com> 
> Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 19:19:37 +0930 
> Hi 
> Can the people with planted Discus tanks , tell us what they
> use in there tanks As in if they use any additives with RO water,
> what fertilizers you use , what temp , hardness , nitrate ppm ,ph,
> do you use peat. etc.

> Thanking you
> Dean & Melissa (outback OZ)

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