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Re: "wall" of java moss

Right now it's rather pathetic--I just put up some "stakes" of bamboo
barbecue skewers, and twisted the algae around that.  I am planning to do
teardown of that this weekend (have to get more endler's out and move in
the killies), so will try another version--I think a nylon-type mesh
"sandwich", maybe attached to the back with a few spots of silicone, so the
blue outer backing still shows through.  I like the hint of blue in the
back, and would not want to go to the full cork like I have in two of my
other tanks.  So this is still a work in progress.  But even with slightly
visible stakes, the tank is still my prettiest....just wish the three big
tanks looked more like it!

Diane Brown
brown_d at kids_wustl.edu