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Re: Discus Keepers

For a while I was using regular tap water with Seachem Discus Buffer and
Neutral Regulator. I didn't like the results I was getting. I couldn't tell
you why I just decided to go with RO. So know with my Discus tank(s) I am
going to use Kent RO Right with Kent Discus Essential. The RO Right makes
the water livable and the Discus Essential ads essential trace elements for
the fish. There is also Plant Essential witch will add trace elements for
plants I just haven't figured out if that is needed when I am fertilizing
with Tropica Master Grow. Would anyone else know if this is necessary?

Anyway, Seachem also makes competing products for all of the above, I just
went with Kent on the suggestion of one of our Discus breeders.

Omar Khatib
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> Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 19:19:37 +0930
> From: "Dean and Melissa Williams" <DMWILLIAMS at bigpond_com>
> Hi 
> Can the people with planted Discus tanks , tell us what they use in there
> tanks
> As in if they use any additives with RO water , what fertilizers you use ,
> what temp , hardness , nitrate ppm ,ph,
> do you use peat. etc.
> Thanking you
>                    Dean & Melissa (outback OZ)
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