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starving otocinclus


I usually just read, but I'm really worried, and would
appreciate any help any of you could offer.
Two weeks ago I changed the substrate to Flourite and
I can't seem to get any algae to grow (hate me yet?). 
It looks great in there, but my oto cat's ribs are
beginning to protrude because he won't eat any of the
packaged alternatives I've provided for him, namely
Hikari sinking algae discs, fresh zucchini, algae
sheets (2 types) and shrimp pellets. What the heck am
I supposed to do?! 
I don't want to watch him die, even if he did only
cost me $1.49!
Should I delay my 15% weekly water change to give the
algae more of a chance? Or is he stressed enough that
I shouldn't expose him to the higher Ammonia and
Nitrite levels? 

Thanks in advance!

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