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Re: Probably impossible but....or What's the point with fluorescents?

Hopkins, Samuel asked:

> Anyway to get a fluorescent lamp to produce the
> water that a
> "point of light" source creates? I doubt it
but thought
> I'd check.

Pretty sure not.  The light emanates from such a large area
(all of the painted glass surface of the tube) with a
fluorescent that distinct shadows are hard to find.  They
are inherently diffuse.  They aren't even really a line
source (as opposed to point source), unless you accept the
notion of really fat lines ;-) 

But you can try to use a few small spot light bulbs along
with your fluorescents to introduce some highlights
(literally) in your tank.  Mixing a Metal Halide with
fluorescents can be very effective.

Scott H.

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