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Re: starving otocinclus

Are you monitoring the tank's water quality parameters since you changed the 
substrate? If so, are there any significant changes from what it was 
previously? I'm thinking that a big change in pH, hardness, or 
ammonia/nitrite might stress him into not eating. I'm assuming the 
temperature is O.K. Is it possible he is being bullied by other fish?

Oto's usually subsist on a combination of algae and biofilm although they 
can eat other things as well. You mention feeding zucchini. I think the 
zucchini is a good food but too hard for them to eat unless steamed or 
boiled for about ten minutes. Some things I would try:
   -set up a small tank or bowl filled with tank water in a bright sunny 
window, or outside, to promote algae growth on the walls of this container. 
This may take a while but it will provide your Otocinclus with optimal food.
   -get some algae, the soft green kind he probably likes, from another 
aquarist or an aquarium shop/fish dealer and rubber-band a small amount of 
it to a small rock so it doesn't float around.

One last question: Is he the only one you've got? Oto's seem to be somewhat 
gregarious and prefer to be in a group of at least three or four. Hope he 
makes it. One of my favorite fish.


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