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bioload and algae eaters

I saw some gorgeous Jordanella floridae at our club auction last weekend,
and wonder if I might get away with a pair of those in my problematic
goldfish tank.  This is the 29G tank with 73W of regular fluorescent
"heating" (thanks, Scott H, for the insight!) which keeps the tank plenty
warm for the flag fish.

The two large goldfish by themselves are a fairly heavy bioload, and
produce enough output to keep the algae--particularly black brush
algae--very happy on the mostly slow-growing tough plants in the tank.  (I
can't put any tender-leaved fast-growing algae busters in there--at least
not for long--because the goldfish shred them.  And I'm already working
with injected CO2, PMDD, shortening the lighting cycle, feeding more
sparingly, etc to help optimize plant growth at the expense of the algae,
and making some progress but not enough.)

So how much strain do a few algae eaters put on the bioload?

Diane Brown
St. Louis