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Jim Wood wrote:
>>I'm about to give up on the little 3 gallon tanks I've got. They're the
System3's and they were just bought on a whim. The biggest problem with
is that even though there is nominally 2w/gal the light is toward the front
of the tank and the back of the tank is shaded by the biofilter assembly.

>>The result is that anything planted in the back grows poorly while things
the front grow quite well. In fact when a few pieces break off the feeble
plants in the back and float to the top in front of the biofilter they grow
like crazy. Water is clear, stable and fish seem happy. Flourite substrate
with DIY CO2.

Why get rid of them?  I landscape according to the light levels....a "wall"
of java moss in the back, then some anubias, and in front the hygrophila
and wisteria and some micro sword and lobelia and basically anything I can
get into that front area grows like crazy.....yes, the back is dark, but
the moss is happy and the Endler's have reproduced like mad without algae
problems.....it's my best tank!

Diane Brown
brown_d at kids_wustl.edu