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>Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 15:41:54 -0500
>From: Brown_D at pcfnotes1_wustl.edu
>Subject: Eclipse3s
>Jim Wood wrote:
> >>I'm about to give up on the little 3 gallon tanks I've got. They're the
>System3's and they were just bought on a whim. The biggest problem with
>is that even though there is nominally 2w/gal the light is toward the front
>of the tank and the back of the tank is shaded by the biofilter assembly.
> >>The result is that anything planted in the back grows poorly while 
>the front grow quite well. In fact when a few pieces break off the feeble
>plants in the back and float to the top in front of the biofilter they grow
>like crazy. Water is clear, stable and fish seem happy. Flourite substrate
>with DIY CO2.
>Why get rid of them?  I landscape according to the light levels....a "wall"
>of java moss in the back, then some anubias, and in front the hygrophila
>and wisteria and some micro sword and lobelia and basically anything I can
>get into that front area grows like crazy.....yes, the back is dark, but
>the moss is happy and the Endler's have reproduced like mad without algae
>problems.....it's my best tank!
>Diane Brown
>brown_d at kids_wustl.edu
Here's another idea that I have been thinking of for my little 3G eclipse.  
I was going to gut the hood itself and add in a AH supply 13W CF kit.  Since 
the filter takes up lots of space, I was going to drill a hole in the back.  
I would then attach some tubing to the hole to allow water to drain into 
another 1-2G tank (critter tank) and basically set up a wet dry system.  
That way, I could add a heater and CO2 directly into the little wet dry.  
The return water would be through the smallest rio pump which would b 
returned through the opening already precut into the hood.  I'm going to try 
it soon, so wish me luck.

Bailin Shaw
DFW Aquatic Plant Club

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