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Re: capping

Hey gang,

Scott H. wrote:
>>Is your blasting grit more attractive than Flourite
that you wouldn't use the Flourite to cap the Blasting
grit -- or maybe mix the two?  I doubt that the plants
will care, but visually the choices make big
differences, no?<<

Yes, it does make a difference, initially, in
appearance, and yes, I do like the appearance of
blasting grit better than Flourite. The biggest reason
I do this is to save money for really important stuff
(for me). After all, I won't be able to see the
substrate in a few weeks anyway, and the plants don't
care where the flourite is there after about 4-6
months as well. The parts where it mixes badly and I
care about the appearance, I could easily just
sprinkle some gravel on top.

>>With replantings, you'll eventually get a lot of
mixing anyhow -- how much visually effect from the
mixing depending on the ratios.<<

Your absolutely right. They mix very easily. Then I
don't care as much, because like I said before I won't
really be able to see it. Once the gravel is all
"mulmed" up, the Flourite is just there for looks
anyway (pretty much). Capping it just allows me to
spend a very small fraction of what I would using all
Flourite in the substrate so I can spend more money on
more important stuff. YMMV.

Scott H.<<

John Wheeler

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