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Lend a helping hand.....

Hi everyone,
I have never made a post before but have been reading for awhile. First, I'd like to thank everyone on the list. I have learned so much from reading through the months. I'm not posting to ask for advice, everything is good with my tank (knocking on wood). Now that my plants are established and I know everything is going good I decided to put some things that I don't need anymore on ebay. Turns out that the lady that won the two decorations I was selling is the Recreation Director of a nursing facility. She told me that they were setting up a 75 gallon tank for the residents, actually, the residents are helping! They have been watching ebay for deals because they are on a tight budget. Patty, the recreational director, told me that when they won the decorations they were all ecstatic.  
The 75 gallon was donated to them along with the stand, they sanded the stand down yesterday and I'm told will be painting it today. They don't have much else. I hope this isn't sounding like a plea, I don't know these people from adam. I just want to help them if I can. I love this hobby and think it would be a great thing for the residents to help with and put their time and love into.
I have donated a bag full of plastic plants to them, if anyone has anything they'd like to donate, or if you live in the Brick, NJ area and want to help them, I know it would be greatly appreciated. We all have some stuff hanging around from pre-planted days.....just a little here and there would help them get up and running. Contact me off the list and I'll give you the name and address of the facility.  
Some things they still need are: Power filter, their tank doesn't have a center brace?, hood with light and other misc. items.  
Thanks y'all ;)

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