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Lighting advice

Hi, all!

My first post here... I'm planning a 30 gal X-High assorted community 
tank that I hope to set up by October, and I have some pieces already in 
place.  I feel a bunch of questions coming on.  Let me lead off with 
this one:

I have a glass strip cover with a dual fluorescent strip and, keeping in 
mind that my aquarium is 24 inches deep and I would like to grow a 
roster of plants including melon swords, ambulia, and valisneria   I 
definitely need some new bulbs for this older dual strip and I'm 
considering my options.  I've read good things about Triton lamps and 
other lamps like Vita-Life bulbs.  Would I be wise to try two different 
bulbs in my dual strip to vary the quality of light or is that not my 
best bet?

The other specifics of the tank will include a 50-50 mix of Flourite and 
natural gravel, an undergravel filter with powerhead, and an Eheim 2222 
pro canister filter.  No added CO2.

Thanks for any hints, tips and advice!