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Re: Catching SAEs

I've posted at least three times on this, but here goes again:

Buy one of those cheapo net breeder/fish isolator things that hangs to the 
side of the tank with those bendable metal clips. $2.99 at PetSmart. Thread a 
piece of fishing line through the two holes in the top piece of the frame the 
two metal clips attach to and tie the end to form a loop. Leave several feet 
of fishing line hanging out of the tank. Weigh the net breeder down with a 
few pebbles and sink it to the bottom of the tank, open side up. Sink some 
food in it and wait. You will have more fish in there in a few minutes than 
you know what to do with, including your SAEs. When you want to catch them 
just pull up on the fishing line. The fish want to escape by swimming side to 
side. They don't swim up. I caught three big, fat, lazy SAEs in my 125 this 
way, and have cleared entire planted tanks of fish using this method. It 
helps if you don't feed them for a day before, but even that is not necessary.

Best way to catch fish in a planted tank I have found.

I tied a couple stainles steel nuts to the bottom part of the frame to sink 
it with instead of pebbles because I use it fairly regularly, but either way 
will work.

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