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Re:Serving Suggestion

I always thaw frozen food by placing it in a net and running it under a tap 
for a minute or so. This treatment not only quickly thaws the food but 
rinses away the surrounding solutionn that can cloud your water.

in the UK, where we seem to have just had our few days of sunshine for the 

Bobby Joseph wrote:

I have some frozen Hikari daphnia, and was wondering if people just throw 
the whole frozen cube into the tank and let the fish nibble on a fozen cube 
or you thaw it out first and then, I guess, just dump it into the aquarium 
slowly.  What I do is pop a cube out onto a film containor lid, place that 
on the lights so it thaws out quicker, and then slowly dispense it into the 
aquarium via eye dropper.  Sometimes the fish eat out of the eye dropper 
like a hamster drinks water out of one of those bottles.  Talk about a lot
of work!  And time consuming! Or am I just dumb for buying Hikari's frozen 

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