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Re: Bacterial Clouds -- White Water Rapping

Tony said water changes help induce bacterial blooms cuasing

> . . .But what really does it, is a massive water change together with
> gravel
> siphoning, and canister clean up all at the same time. . .The
equilibrium is so delicate, that I would not suggest more then a
> 10 %
> water change every week.

Generally,  if a more than 10% water change is causing you to have
white water (bacterial bloom cloudiness) then you have more serious
problems.  Lots of folks change much more than 10% -- even 40% or 50%
and more on a regular and frequent basis without generating white
water.  Large changes can even help reduce the nutrient levels in the
water that promote blooms.

But, if you have enough nutrients in the substrate, and you stir that
up, then even a large single water change won't be enough to reduce
nuturient levels in the water enough to conquer white water. 
establishing a good bioculture, regular water changes that are
sufficiently large to maintain nutrient levels below maximum levels,
and plants are all things that can help deal the causes of white water.

Scott H.

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