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Re: Non Plant-Eating Fish

Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 20:10:39 -0500
 From: Michael Batts <Michael at whatisdat_com>
 Subject: Non Plant-Eating Fish
> Could someone please proivide a listing of popular 
> non Plant-eating fish?

Michael, these are the fihs I have kept with no harm to my plants
unless noted:
***Rasbora Borapatensis-awesome little fish! pretty irridescent stripe
just doesn't look the same in photos. They school very tightly. Stay
mostly in upper waters.
***Botia Macracantha(clown loach)-here's the note part. Min have _only_
ever bothered, as in tried to eat or damaged, Aponogeton.  They won't
leave it be. All they've ever done to other plats so far, is
accidentally uproot a new plant with their rummaging about in the top
layer of flourite.
***Otocinclus-goes without saying.
***Platies-Peaceful little livebearer, just beware that while platies
are available most places, it can be hard to get healthy stock that
isn't carrying some bacterial nasty.  Feed tetra medicated food when
newly aquired.
***Fancy Guppies-Actually can be pretty in a planted tank.
***Corydoras Catfish
***Black skirt(or black widow) tetras
***Ram cichlids - _cool_ little guys! "plant, what plant? Oh you mean
this thing I can use as my territory marker?  what about it?"
   Just a few of many.

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