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To Roxanne

Hello Roxanne,
I find what you said particularly to swallow, simply because it goes against
my 30 years of trying to keep unwanted algae under control.
You said you managed to damage glass with a razor. What exactly happened ?
If you keep the blade perfectly flush with the glass surface ,,, no damage
CAN occur. In fact, it never has. Have you been using a rusty razor ? That's
the only thing I can think of out of the top of my head that would do it.
And yes, I know, it isn't even very convincing.
I had a go trying to remove hard green spot algae from the front glass using
the more modern hard plastic blades.
I must say it was a tough job.
Planning to spends eternity elsewhere, I finally finished off the job with a
I would be interested to hear more of your experiences with various
scrapers, so do please write in.
As for run of the mill algeal deposits in a film sort of fashion depositing
on the glass. I simply use an old credit card. It was suggested to me on
this list, and it works like a charm.
The problem is trying to find a good way for an acrylic tank ,,, they
scratch so easily. But a good rubdown with a piece of kitchen tissue usually
is enough.
I never use any kind of scraper on an acrylic tank.
The eyesore isn't worth it