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Re: Rena Canister -- Oops

Matt (but not Linda) Crocker said, in part:
> What do you need a priming pump for?  

If you never had a hard time starting a canister filter, or dealt with
an airlock and didn't know that an airlock was the problem, you're very
lucky.  And you're probably not a newbie or occassional hobbyist.  I
don't want to assume those things about my friend.

> I clean mine 2 times a month

You clean a canister filter every 2 weeks?  What's the xp2 on?  Have
you considered a sump setup or a back filter where it's easier to get
at the media?  One reason I use cansisters, when I do, is that they can
go for a long time without being touched.

> don't see any need for one at all, you refill it with water when it's
> serviced and plug it in, done deal.  

I tried that with the xp1 last night  -- trying it out at the kitchen
sink -- and it was no go sometimes.  Since I didn't have the funnel to
load the suction-side tube, I sometimes had to start the draw by
applying suction to the pressure side tube.  But I know others have
success with fill-up, plug-in.  So I probably did something wrong --
actually I know what the problem was -- something that my friend
probably won't remember several months from now when she finally has to
clean then restart the filter.

> After the initial priming with
> the xp2 funnel over a year ago, I put the funnel away and have never
> needed it again.   

That's good to know.  It means that the xp1 will probably start that
easily for my friend, most if not all of the time.

> My magnum doesn't need a priming pump either.

Magnum put the motor and impeller at the bottom -- good side, if
there's water in the canister, then the pump is thereby primed.  The
initial motor movement will draw water into the siphon tube and start
the siphon.  bad side, reportedly more easily mucked up with heavier
material (grit?).  But that didn't put Magnum off my list.  I didn't
consider Marineland because I've had too much trouble with noisy motors
from Marineland, about 9 out of a dozen.  You don't have to hit *me* 10
times to get a point across, nine times will do just fine  :-\  

I know there are others that love their Magnums -- too many for me to
urge against them.  But I won't buy them and I don't tell others that
they should buy one.  Maybe it's jsut a personal quirk from being hit
on the head so many times :-)  .

Scott H.

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