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Re: Rena Canister -- Oops

I have over a year on a Rena xp2, great filter, absolutely no
problems, I would recommend it to anyone.  I even ran pressurized co2
through it for about 6 months and it never caused anything more than a
burp once in a while.

What do you need a priming pump for?  I clean mine 2 times a month and
don't see any need for one at all, you refill it with water when it's
serviced and plug it in, done deal.  After the initial priming with
the xp2 funnel over a year ago, I put the funnel away and have never
needed it again.   My magnum doesn't need a priming pump either.

 Why do the Eheims need a priming pump?  Faulty design.  Maybe that's
why they cost so much, more parts.   hehe!