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Re: Can it be...no TMG?

VonfingerK at emh10_bliss.army.mil said:
> it is Tropica that won't ship to the U.S. at the
old prices. They want three times the price now.<

This is getting more confusing. Why would the FDA
be involved in setting prices? Shouldn't that be
Tropika's call? If customers think the price increase
is too high, they can make the choice not to buy it.

> If and when the FDA allows their plants into the
U.S. they will charge the old price once more. Of
course that doesn't make sense either since Tropica
loses sales.<

Another thing, I don't understand why Big Al's
is talking about "plants." We're talking about
fertilizer. I suspect they mean TMG, but are just
using the wrong term. I noticed the same thing in
my last email exchange with them. In her last email,
the rep said,
  "The FDA does not have the paperwork for the
  tropica plants in order to import them. Therefore,
  any shipments being sent by Tropica to any
  wholesaler will be held or discarded."

To her credit, she was trying to be helpful but just
didn't know more than she had already told me.
She said she would inform me of any new developments,
and if I hear from her, I'll pass the news along.

I've also written to Tropika but haven't heard back.
If anyone knows Claus Christensen, can you ask him?

BTW, I spent quite a bit of time poking around
the FDA website searching for information about
this -- nothing. I even wrote to the FDA yesterday,
and received a fairly useless response today. What
they don't understand, and I had tried to convey it
in my query, is that TMG does not fit into any of
their product categories, so I don't know which
department to contact (there is no central "helpdesk"
for specific queries). Also, logically, it's the USDA
who should be handling this matter, not FDA, don't
you think?

So, who wants to sneak into Canada, buy up all their
TMG , and smuggle it into the US to set up an
underground TMG sales network?  ;-)

    shireen, running out of TMG!

P.S. while looking around the FDA site, I scanned
the items that were rejected for import into the US
from Denmark. Oh, all those lovely cheeses we'll
never taste ....

Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net