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regarding imports, there are several applicable laws about fertilizers, and 
they are applied by the USDA.  Basically, the analysis of ingredients MUST be 
present, giving both the percentage of N, P, and K, and the sources.  Other 
things must also be listed, also giving the percentages, and the sources of 
the things.

It does not take much thinking to realize that aquatic plant fertilizers 
have, in general, violated these laws (some are Federal, thus USDA, some 
State, with the State Department of Agriculture doing the enforcing) for a 
loooooong time.  Many house plant fertilizers are also in this category.  
Sounds like "someone" decided to do some enforcement.  And, the 911 incidents 
may be the "trigger."  Ammonium Nitrate is a very good fertilizer, but from 
waaay back its use or misuse as an explosive is well known.  Anybody else old 
enough to remember Texas City?  It was an accident.