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Re: No Subject

Matt said:

> I curently have a 40 gallon well planted tank with co2
> injection i am thinking about getting a 70 gallon tall
> because of the same footprint and space is a problem.
> also i would like to grow some taller plants like some
> vals and large swords. is this fesible i can ad as
> muck lite as i can i was thinking about adding 1 or 2
> 96 watt CF from ahsuply to the 1 i already have will
> this work any feedback would be great.

Here is a suggestion for you from the last tank that I had, not the
current one, though. Don't get a tank any taller than your reach! You
wouldn't want to have to use a step ladder to climb into the thing to
change where your plants go. ;-)

Ed Dumas