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CO2 Questions

I'm new to CO2 so a few questions about CO2 in the planted tank:
If plants take in CO2 during the day and take in O2 during the night
wouldn't it be wise to have barely moving water during the day so that CO2
doesn't bubble out and powerheads with air injectors turned on during the
night to infuse O2 into the water?
After reading quite a bit of info on CO2 I'm under the impression that it
causes a PH swing (which I've seen) which is bad and high levels of CO2 can
cause internal problems with fish. Wouldn't the optimal amount of CO2 to
inject be the amount where your plants get only as much as they need. This
would result in injecting CO2 but not being able to monitor any change in PH
or CO2 levels - because your plants are using it all up.
Is there any way to buffer the PH effects of CO2? For instance I was as 7.2
and now I'm at 6.6. 6.6 is fine but when my CO2 runs out I don't want a
quick swing to 7.2. Gradual would be more preferred.
Has anyone ever built a system to limit the amount of CO2 coming from a DYI
setup so that you can adjust your bubble rate without blowing up the yeast

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