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Re: ICeCap/Fulham

Gordon L. Mc Lellan asked:

> What is the brand / model of these low-cost tubes?  The cheapest daylight
> tubes I've found around here (in Michigan) is $7 for a GE Chroma 50 (any
> length, 18,24,48), sold in the BRIGHT orange Sunshine package.

It is a Phillips F40DX. It is a rather standard daylight tube, and I
purchase them at Home Depot, but as someone else said their stock varies
from store to store. My local Home Depot, which is in B.C., Canada,
sells these tubes in a two pack for $5.97Cdn. Cheap price, even for
low-end tubes!

Look around at other hardware kind of stores and see what you can find.
Good luck.

Ed Dumas