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RE: where're all the great LFSs?

Hi Kurt:

If you visit Portland, Oregon, I highly recommend The Wet Spot at 4310 NE
Hancock (just off 43rd and Sandy Blvd in Hollywood). They display the
correct scientific name for 99% of their fish and usually have a good
selection of plants. Their stock ranges from common to exotic and are always
healthy; I've NEVER seen a sick fish in one of their tanks (unlike the
national chains).

There's also Bell's Tropical Fish at 50th and N Lombard. The store recently
came under new management, so I'm not sure what their current state is, but
back in the day this was also a great shop.


This morning, Kurt wrote:

> I travel allot now with my job, all over the globe but mostly here in the
> U.S..  When I have time I like to visit local fish shops. I usually have to
> resort to using the yellow pages and end up wasting a good deal of time on
> mediocre and generic businesses. Even though we have a tendency to shy away
> from any sort of promotion on this list, I feel it might be useful to have a
> thread on favorite LFSs. Often times a great fish/plant store can be right
> under our noses for years without ever noticing it. Also, the discovery of a
> great shop with a particular specialty or strength can inject some inspiration
> and really get the creative juices flowing again. I'm fed up with boring
> shops. I want to know where are all the places that support this hobby and
> keep all of you/us interested. Share the wealth. There's been discussion here
> on the criteria we set for a good LFS, so where are they?!