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Re: replanting runners

> This weekend I rearranged my 29-gallon tank and moved a bunch of micro-sword
> (Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae)around. It was a pain in the neck. Anyone have
> any suggestions on replanting this stuff?

Same as most runner plants, cut them into 2-4 leaves per piece, use tweezers
to replant and space about 1 inch apart and wait for the plant to fill/grow
in. Should take about 2-3 weeks for nice new fresh carpet. Trim the old dead
stuff from the old mat and toss out. Keep only the nicest stuff.

Tom Barr

I'd pull out long runners with
> lots of leaves, but how is one supposed to stick these back into the gravel
> without half of them going in upside down or sideways? The grass looks
> horrible now and I wish I hadn't tried moving it. Maybe this is a perfect,
> clay pot/ tray situation.
> Travis
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