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Re: Modular substrate

> I like the uniformity of this from Dupla. I like the idea that I can use
> this to design an aquascape in sections, and even re-arrange the sections
> after planting.  But if you find something like this at Home Depot for 49
> cents, please let me know! All the containers I looked at that were even
> close to being appropiate were several dollars.
> Robert Paul Hudson
> http://www.aquabotanic.com

They make those liners for pots so that the water doesn't mess up your
furniture when you water your house plants. They make round and square

Also, the very same pots I use for my crypts, they are 4x4 inches and 5
inches deep can simply be cut down to what ever height one chooses. Toss
some sand in the front edge etc and there you go.
Those pots run about 3 $ for 16 or so.
As far as foam, those roots and gravel bits will make that messy after some
time passes. 
As far as the fertilizer, what works, laterite+sand, soil, peat,
flourite-onyx, turface/profile/schultz's etc.

These pots can be cut at angles or down low for the foreground and come up
high to 5 inches (or higher set on the gravel) in the back giving a nice
maintainable slope.

I think you'll also find them to fit perfectly into a standard 13x48 or 24
inch long tank quite nicely with a 1 inch gap in the front for the sand.

If you wish to use some foam or fert liner etc, buy some vestax foam they
sell for meat counters and produce stands. Often the folks at a grocer

Perhaps the main good point is being able to try different substrate mixes.
You can keep most things out of the water column and focus on the fish more
if you cannot figure a way to grow both together well or simply choose not
to since it might be more trouble than you have time for or are willing to
deal with or if you know you know you are not going to be able to dose for
awhile(like if you go on vacation, you can vacuum out a jobe's stick after
you get back etc) or are simply lazy:)

Before the days of CO2, there were a large number of folks that tried these
approaches. Dupla seems to be coming full circle after 20 years in their
general approach. The more things changes, the more they stay the same?

Tom Barr