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Clay pots in tank

Great idea Tom, about using stackable pots in the aquarium. I have a friend
with a kiln and she wants to do some pottery together. I'm not interested in
making plates, bowls, cups. But, stackable clay terraces! Now your talking.
What about some that fit into a corner and have a rounded front? Lot's of
ideas. Maybe the clay would even be good for holding nutrients.

This weekend I rearranged my 29-gallon tank and moved a bunch of micro-sword
(Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae)around. It was a pain in the neck. Anyone have
any suggestions on replanting this stuff? I'd pull out long runners with
lots of leaves, but how is one supposed to stick these back into the gravel
without half of them going in upside down or sideways? The grass looks
horrible now and I wish I hadn't tried moving it. Maybe this is a perfect,
clay pot/ tray situation.

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