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Re: metal halide to light my fish room.

> Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 16:50:05 -0700
> From: Allan <Ed_Dantes at linkline_com>
> Subject: metal halide to light my fish room.
> I have coral life hanging metal halide light fixture.  It hangs over 1 tank 
> and puts out a lot of great light for plants.   It is 175 watts and 10,000k.
> ...
> If I take the light out of the fixture and hang it in the middle of my fish 
> room is this going to be ok.  Light would be directed in all directions 
> instead of just down, and all of my tanks which are from floor to ceiling 
> would get light.  > Are there any dangers in doing this????
It becomes a lot more important to make sure you use lamps that are rated
for use in open fixtures.  If the lamp capsule explodes, and if the outer
glass envelope cannot contain the explosion, you will have hot glass
raining down in the room on top of anyone unlucky enough to be underneath,
or possibly starting a fire.  With the lamp suspended over a aquarium, the
fixture will contain the flying debris or direct most of it safely into the

Best regards,