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Re: Where did everyone go?

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Jeff Vamos wrote:

>Subject: where did everyone go?
>is there a new list that everyone is posting to or is 
it just a slow month? I 
>don't recognize too many regulars minus the sure things 
( Tom B. Scott H. 
>Paul in central Mississippi where their might be a 
thunderstorm tonight). 
>Jeff Vamos 
>cessnabum1 at aol_com

Jeff, this appears to be the effects of the annual 
phenomenon I call "Damn, summer's here and I have too 
many other things to do to worry about anything aquarium 
related."  I've noticed the aquarium hobby, in general, 
and aquarium message boards, specifically, have an 
obvious seasonal cycle.  As summer approaches, activity 
on the message boards and in the chat rooms tends to 
dwindle down to next to nothing.  Then, after summer 
when the ambient outside temperature starts to drop and 
people start coming back inside, you'll see a 
significant increase in activity.  It happens every 
year!  I came to grips with this phenomenon last year.  
By the middle of the summer, my aquatic enthusiasm 
dropped so low and my tank became the lowest priority on 
my "to-do" list that I almost quit the hobby 
altogether.  I was sure I had to be the worst aquatic 
hobbyist in the world and my fish all hated me!  At one 
point, I was ready to break down my tank and sell 
everything at our yearly garage sale.  Until Tom B. and 
others pointed out the signs of summer fever and 
provided me with a few useful tips for getting through 
the season.  Even my wife encouraged me not to give up, 
which was REALLY surprising as she is the biggest 
antagonist of my hobby.  Eventually, cooler weather 
prevailed, and sure enough, my interests in all things 
fish related were once again piqued.  Of course, by the 
time winter rolled around, my wife was kicking herself 
for encouraging me during the summer, as I decided I 
wanted to completely replace my aquarium setup and go 
all-out high tech!!!

Anyway, the point of my post is this temporary slowdown 
in activity is just that... temporary!  Blame it on the 
Summer doldrums.  Now, as warmer weather is finally upon 
us, I find myself slacking in my aquatic 
responsibilities.  However, from what I learned last 
year, I have been able to brace my tank and its fishy 
inhabitants for the season.  I spent the whole "active" 
season obsessively caring for my tank and making sure it 
was at the top of its performance.  Now, with my tank in 
good shape, I should be able to "coast" through Summer 
with basic maintenance.  All the while keeping in mind 
that cooler temps will come again, and I'll be back on 
the boards and into my tank in full force!