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Re: metal halide to light my fish room.

I have coral life hanging metal halide light fixture.  It hangs over 1 tank 
and puts out a lot of great light for plants.   It is 175 watts and 10,000k.
I have done this but there are two things you need to be aware of 
1 MH lights canproduce large ammounts of UV and if you're not protected then you can go blind (really) For this reason have a look at the buld if it's a "UV Stop" you should be okay.
2 At the end of their life these bulbs can explode (literally) and shower everything in their vicinity with Mercury.
For both the reasons above make sure that their is glass between your MHs and your room. You may also find that the light hurts your eyes:-)
FYI I have 2x250W MHs (soon to be 1 or 2 more - they'll replace some of the 150s) plus 7x 150W MHs, I use nothing else. I use the 250s as overall light and the 150s for "fill-in" in the areas that don't get so much light.

>Here is the question, flame gently please.

>If I take the light out of the fixture and hang it in the middle of my >fish 
>room is this going to be ok.  Light would be directed in all directions 
>instead of just down, and all of my tanks which are from floor to ceiling 
>would get light.

>Are there any dangers in doing this????

>Please help.


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